Who we are

Josef Pötter Sr and his wife Antonia founded the Josef Pötter Company in 1935. Today, the company is managed by Matthias Pötter, Ludger Pötter and Philipp Bartels.
We employ a workforce of about 85 employees and rank among the leading companies in the industry. Our work is centred on the customer and their satisfaction. With this in mind, we dedicate ourselves to the quality of our services each and every day.


JOSEF PÖTTER GOLF, an independent division of JOSEF PÖTTER GMBH, has devoted itself to the construction and maintenance of golf courses since 1986.


JOSEF PÖTTER GOLF is managed by Matthias Pötter.
Project management is provided by Richard Ferraris. Peter Blomenkamp organises office matters and is in charge of projects for golf course maintenance. Brian Willett, Theo Konert and Darryl Spelman are site managers with local responsibility for their respective projects.

Our work is centred on quality and the satisfaction of our customers. We are a team with international and extensive experience in new golf course construction, watercourse construction and golf course upkeep.

» JOSEF PÖTTER GOLF – The management team

Matthias Pötter and his team

» JOSEF PÖTTER GMBH - Head office

Head office in Gronau-Epe